Why newsletters are good for business

There are heaps of good reasons why you should consider using e-newsletters as a way of staying in contact with your clients and keeping business bubbling along. Hello! Regular newsletters remind your customer that you exist. They’re a simple way to keep your name at the front of your clients’ mind. However frequently you send them, be consistent in your timing. Strengthen your brand When your newsletter carries your business name, logo and colours, it works to promote and strengthen…

Why newsletters are good for business was last modified on March 14th, 2018 by Proof Communications Author
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How to write newsletters that won’t comatose your readers

Well written, targeted articles can breathe new life into business communications. But you also want to avoid your newsletter being sent straight to the reader’s recycle bin. Rather than bore customers to death, here are three ways to keep newsletter content fresh and your customers focused on the good work you do. 1. It’s about your customer Important though it may be to you, no one wants to read about how your business operates or who has been moved from one…

How to write newsletters that won’t comatose your readers was last modified on September 19th, 2017 by Proof Communications Editor
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