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Transform your written draft into a compelling document that wins you more business

Sometimes you need an expert who will do more than proofread your business document to find mistakes, but don’t quite need a copywriter to write it from scratch.

This in-between stage of the document process is copy editing, and it is challenging if you don’t have the skills or the time.

Our copy editors will turn your written drafts into professional business development documents that will win you more business. We know how to transform your words into compelling language that stands out from your competition and makes sense to your audience.

Our goal is to understand what you want to achieve from your document and help you deliver it. Whether it is to win a tender bid, proposal or contract, attract new prospects with a lead magnet, report your effectiveness to key stakeholders in an annual report, or to win new customers with compelling marketing material, we will help.

With our decades of expertise, we work efficiently and professionally to edit your business’ documents so they are clear, accurate, and more interesting and compelling to your readers.

Proof Communications provides the professional edge to our written communication, and gives us the confidence to know that we’ve given it our best shot.

Brad McDougall, Managing Director
Springboard HP

Professional copy editors help better market your business’ value

With over decades of combined experience, Proof Communications is a team of highly experienced copy editors who’ve worked with leading Australian and global businesses on all kinds of written material – tenders and proposals, white papers, award submissions, annual reports, profiles (individual and business bios), articles, web copy, brochures and much more.

Sometimes our work involves editing draft documents written by experts who need to turn their words into compelling and interesting material for non-experts – people outside their industry who need to understand the terminology.

We also help marketing teams who want a bit more polish on their business’ documents.

It’s amazing how fresh eyes bring new perspective to language – often what you think makes sense, needs further detail and context for someone outside of your organisation.

What’s the difference…

Your written communications with your clients need to be the best they can be. Although copy editors and proofreaders perform different roles, they both have one thing in common: they make sure that your important business documents shine.

How our copy editing service helps you

We can re-write elements of your document for you, re-structure the sequence of content and create eye grabbing titles or headlines.

We ensure your messaging is clear and prominent, inline with your objective for the document.

We help promote your business with marketing material that understands who your target market is and how to encourage them to take the next step – to contact you.

We keep your customers engaged by editing your communications to have the right tone and style for your audience.

We save you time on those big documents you don’t have time for.

For more information on how your business can benefit from our copy editing service, contact us for a friendly chat.

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