We provide professional writing and editing services in Adelaide

Proof Communications is one of Australia’s most successful copywriting, copy editing and proofreading agencies. For the past twenty years, hundreds of SMEs, listed companies and government agencies have relied upon us to provide expert service. We copywrite business-to-business content including successful tenders, award entries, capability statements, proposals, articles, blogs, case studies and website content. We also provide copy editing and proofreading services in Adelaide, which include writing and reviewing tenders, proposals, case studies, profiles, website copy and reports.

No matter whether you’re listed on the ASX200 or a growing SME/start-up, we provide an across-the-board high standard of professionalism and reliability. When clients come to us, they expect the best in B2B content and client-first service. 

Why choose Proof Communications for copywriting and proofreading services in Adelaide?

When Adelaide businesses are looking for a copywriting agency, they come to Proof Communications with the assurance that we’ll turn their unique blend of expertise and knowledge into clear and compelling B2B copy. Our content brings  in new clientele and can be reused again and again to show off your business.

Likewise, when companies write a document in-house and know it needs polishing, they trust our copy editing to make it word perfect. 

What’s more, our copywriters and proofreaders in Adelaide provide businesses around Australia and overseas, with an unmatched eye-for-detail. Whether it’s internal staff communications, a customer presentation or 800-page business report, Proof Communications’ highly skilled proofreaders will weed out grammatical errors and potentially disastrous typos.

In tender and award writing, our results speak for themselves

Tender writing can be a daunting task for the inexperienced. But with Proof Communications’ guiding hand, you can deliver a persuasive, evidence-backed tender to win new business. We have helped firms across Adelaide and the rest of Australia win countless tenders and half a billion dollars worth of new business. With the value that Proof Communications has won for its customers through tender writing, you could buy up every single AFL Grand Final ticket for the next 13 years. The same goes for our award writing. Clients love the accolades that their award wins bring. We’re thrilled that over 95% of our clients are shortlisted for awards with our business award writing and of these, more than 75% win.