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Submitting responses for tenders and proposals is a time consuming exercise, requiring careful planning from the beginning. The response must align with what the company is looking for and the best way to do this is to identify key selling points.

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Why submit a tender or proposal?

Savvy business owners understand winning a major tender or proposal can change their business’ future. Whether it be a government tender or a proposal for a new business contract with a publicly listed or privately owned organisation, winning a new contract can be the difference between sleepless nights of uncertainty and long-term success and financial security. It also looks great to have a major contract in your client list for your own marketing.

Writing tenders and proposals, however, is a daunting task for any organisation that isn’t used to the process. Even for those who regularly tender for new business, the process is time consuming and can take staff away from their normal workload.

This is where we will help.

Proof Communications has a team of copywriters, editors and proofreaders who have specialised in tender and proposal writing since 2000, working with hundreds of businesses on their tenders — earning them tens of millions of dollars — so you can focus on your workload while we deal with the demands of the tender process for your organisation.

You will receive a polished, professional tender or proposal that highlights your organisation’s benefits and values to give you the best opportunity to win the business.

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Our tender & proposal writing process



Our tender writing process has been developed and honed over our many years specialising in the field and analysing our clients’ successes. This flow chart explains the steps we follow to ensure you submit the best possible tender or proposal at the end of the process.

You can download our free Tender checklist that outlines the information we will gather from you when we get started on your tender or proposal.

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We help with all or part of your tender or proposal

Some businesses require us to edit or proofread the final draft of their tender or proposal for peace of mind before submitting.

Others want our help to gather the right information to start their tender or proposal and to interview the team for a fresh perspective on their business’ message and value proposition. Then they’re right to do the rest.

Some ask us to take over after their first draft; others want help with the entire process. You get the idea – we are able to help your business at any stage of the tender and proposal process.

We promise to work with you and leave no stone unturned to make your document the best it can be to win that government bid or business contract.

Contact us today and start winning new business with your written words or head to our FAQ page for more information.

Proof Communications made our life easier and more profitable because of their tender-writing expertise. It’s the best thing we could’ve done from a business perspective.
Nicole Turner, General Manager
Insight Services Group
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