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Proof Communications works with a wide range of companies to help them win business through their written words.

We assist by writing, editing and proofreading marketing collateral, website copy, tenders and proposals, awards submissions and anything else that requires your written word to win new business.

The number one tip…

Wonder why you’re not winning tenders? You may be making one of the most common mistakes in the tender submission process. The good news is that it’s easily fixed. Listen in to find out how you can give your tender the best chance of making it through to the final selection.

How to write winning award…

Winning a business award is undoubtedly a wonderful achievement. But when it comes to putting an entry together, many people struggle to even begin. Here are four practical steps you can take to make the process less stressful and tell your story in the best possible light.

What’s the difference…

Your written communications with your clients need to be the best they can be. Although copy editors and proofreaders perform different roles, they both have one thing in common: they make sure that your important business documents shine.

Tips for writing…

Copywriting is the art of writing engaging content that inspires people to read through to the end. We give you four quick tips to turbo-charge your writing and deliver messages that hit the mark every time.

Tips for winning a proposal or tender

Submitting responses for tenders and proposals is a time consuming exercise, requiring careful planning from the beginning. The response must align with what the company is looking for and the best way to do this is to identify key selling points.

Watch the video for more tips on successful tender writing.

Winning business award submissions

Award recognition has a positive impact on a business, and can open new opportunities with clients, or for investment and funding.

Learn what to focus on when it comes to your award submission.

Top tips for winning government tenders

When it comes to government tenders, winning has many upsides. Recognition, increased likelihood of winning business from other government departments and quick and reliable payments.

Writing a government tender should start with detailed responses to every question. Watch the video for more.

Foolproof tips for proofreading

“75% of customers don’t want to do business with organisations that have mistakes in their written materials.”

Clearly typos can cost you money. Watch for tips on how to proofread effectively.

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