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  • What is the process of undertaking annual report proofreading services by Proof Communications?

    Investing in annual report proofreading is an effective way to ensure that your important documents are professional, typo-free and utilise correct grammar. Although internal reviews and spell-checking programs can tackle the obvious issues, it’s still worth investing in an outside proofreading service to take care of issues that might otherwise go unnoticed.

    We’re able to handle a wide range of report proofreading projects, ranging from simple end-of-year summary documents to complex and lengthy annual reports that are filled with highly technical details.

    Using Proof Communications for your annual report proofreading is easy. Just get in touch with us today, and we can discuss the scope of work that’s required for your project. We’ll be able to get working on your project right away, so that you can have your annual report ready as soon as possible.

  • Which industries does Proof Communications specialise in for annual report proofreading?

    Here at Proof Communications, we’ve worked across hundreds of clients from a huge range of different industries. Our clients span sole traders to multinational corporations, so we’re equipped to handle just about any topic you can throw at us. From complex finance-based reports to straightforward state-of-the-nation whitepapers, we’re able to work with you to present the exact documents you require.

    To find out more about some of our prior proofreading success stories, why not explore our client case studies?

  • What makes Proof Communications stand out amongst other annual report proofreaders?

    At Proof Communications, we understand that it’s critical to ensure your professional appearance shines through in all of your corporate communications. Our annual report proofreading services are geared towards ensuring that your business always looks its best by ensuring that attention is paid to the smallest details.

    In addition to our annual report proofreading, we also offer a range of other in-house services. These include copywriting, copy editing, proofreading, government tenders, tender & proposal writing, award writing and blog writing. So if you don’t have the requisite personnel on your team, we can also provide an end-to-end service for your report — from writing, to editing to final proofing.