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  • What are the benefits of copy editing as part of the professional content writing process?

    Our clients are often at the top of their field and possess a wealth of information about their industry. While they don’t need a copywriter to write all their content for them, their copy can at times be full of industry jargon, and may not be written with their audience in mind, thus not delivering the desired results.

    If this sounds familiar, that is where Proof Communications’ copy editing services come in. Unlike other copy editing companies in Australia, we specialise in business and enterprise clients. We are the experts when it comes to tender bids, awards entries, proposals, articles and reports. Our professional copy editors will polish your draft and turn it into content that is just right.

    When you get us onboard to perfect your draft, we can carry out two types of copy editing: light editing and substantive editing.

    If your draft is close to perfect, we’ll offer suggestions and make light modifications to enhance its readability and clarity. The other type of copy editing – substantive editing – involves major editing that encompasses both the lexical and grammar spheres, as well as the sentence, paragraph and whole text structuring. In both cases, the final copy is bound to persuade the reader and win you business.

  • What makes Proof Communications stand out from other professional copy editing companies?

    At Proof Communications, we are one of the leading professional editing services in Australia. The reasons why our customers love us are many, but the paramount one is that we deliver tangible results. Whether you are an SME, a start-up, a listed company, a government agent or any other kind of professional running a business, you need your copy to work in your favour. From tenders to business award entries, proposals, contracts, stakeholders’ reports and more, our copy editors can polish your draft and turn it into content that is just right.

  • What is the process of undertaking professional copy editing services by Proof Communications?

    Engaging our copy editing services is a quick and straightforward process. Simply get in touch with us online or give us a call on 02 8036 5532 to speak to us directly. We will discuss the scope and needs of your project, including providing guidance on whether your documents need copy editing or only proofreading. We move quickly and efficiently and work around tight deadlines. Reach out to us today if you are ready to transform your text into a compelling and engaging document.