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  • What type of tender writing does Proof Communications specialise in?

    At Proof Communications, we specialise in proposal, tender and government tender writing, which many companies and businesses find quite challenging. Of course, the primary reason behind the difficulty encountered in tender writing by companies is that competition is extremely stiff and there’s a tremendous amount of paperwork that needs to be done.

    Organisations also have to answer tender questions carefully and follow instructions strictly to avoid being eliminated for non-compliance. 

    This is where Proof Communications’ professional tender writers come in, along with our winning proposal writers. In fact, we have helped scores of companies successfully win government tenders and business contracts since 2000.

  • What are the benefits of a professionally written proposal or tender?

    Smart business owners know that a successful tender or proposal can have a huge impact on their company’s future. This is why they turn to Proof Communications. Working with us gives them access to our expert tender writers in Australia for assistance with tender preparation in Sydney, Melbourne and elsewhere across the country. With a professionally written proposal or tender that complies with all requirements and follows instructions to the letter, your business can increase its chances of winning a government contract or a contract from a listed or private company.

  • What is the process of undertaking tender and proposal writing services by Proof Communications?

    If you’re ready to work with Proof Communications on your tender- or proposal-writing project, you’ll need to send us the actual Request for Tender (RFT) or Request for Proposal (RFP). It’ll also help us greatly if you could send copies of previous tenders or proposals you submitted in the past. We will also set up meetings so we can go over the documents and for us to ask you specific questions to gain key information. 

    Then we’ll set up a tender response process timeframe to help everyone stay on track. We can then write the first draft, although you have the option to write your tender response yourself and have us review and edit it for you.

    Either way, the tender will undergo several revisions (with your input) until the time comes for us to edit and proofread the final draft.

  • Aside from writing tenders and proposals, what other services do you offer?

    The business copywriters at Proof Communications are also experienced in award-entry writing for SMEs that are interested in entering business awards, including industry awards. Our copywriters also write case studies, blogs, articles, webcopy and profiles, plus our copy editors edit reports, tenders and proposals. Our expert proofreaders provide proofreading services for a wide range of clients, including listed companies, insurers and companies in financial services.